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Dreaming of Yarn

I had a dream last night about knitting. Although I often remember bits and pieces of my dreams, this one is unusual; I don't think I've ever dreamed about knitting before, no matter how much knitting I've done during the day.

In this dream, I was making a pullover long-sleeved sweater out of either worsted or dk or sport weight yarn, and I can see the color clearly in my mind. It was a variegated yarn with peach and a denim or Williamsburg blue. It didn't make tiny little stripes of color, but instead made big blotches of it. The pattern was just a plain one to show off the yarn colors.

Now, naturally, I'm hung up on finding this color, but searching every online yarn store for it would take forever. I've already checked my LYS and no such luck, they don't carry anything in that color combination.

So if any of you out there know of a yarn that's peach and Williamsburg blue, would you please send me the link to it and end the torture? ;-)

In the meantime, …