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Knitting Restlessness

I've been knitting like crazy lately but keep changing my mind what I want to work on. Finished a felted purse and I'm using it, though I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out. The instructions were confusing and I ripped it out four times before finishing it. The side you can see in this picture looks fine, but on the other side, there is no real "right" side as both sides show lines where new yarn was joined. If that makes sense. So I don't think the instructions were written correctly. Oh well, live and learn.

Then, I made a carrying case for my cell phone. I figured it was a small project that I wouldn't get bored with. In fact, I almost gave up in frustration as knitting the tight cable pattern with worsted yarn on size 3 needles was nearly impossible. But I persevered, and the heavy cabled fabric will make for good protection of the keypad on the phone. The only issue with this pattern was that the heavily cabled fabric pulls in, so the flap, that&…

Final Project of 2008

Ta da! My final finished project of 2008, and I'm so happy it's done. This is the Eastlake Sweater, pattern by Norah Gaughan. I made it in Crystal Palace Yarns Crème yarn, which is 60% wool and 40% silk, in color # 2013. I loved working with this soft and smooth, easy to knit with. Unfortunately, it's either discontinued or else my yarn store is not going to carry it. Hmm. Will have to raid the sale shelves.

Here's a detail of the leaf panel. Gorgeous, isn't it? I don't have a picture of me wearing the sweater, but the style is actually quite flattering. I made the size 50, which based on comments of others, had a risk of being too big. But as it turns out, the bustline of the sweater fits nicely, so does the neck, and the flaring A-shape of the sweater skims gracefully over my tummy without leaving any telltale bulges. :-) So, I'm happy. I do notice some pilling developing under the arms, where it rubs on itself. We'll see if that continues or…