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Knitting Accessories

Everyone who knits has yarns they covet. Lace weight or bulky; wool, alpaca or mohair; multicolor or single shade; we all have our preferences.Then, there are other items we need when we knit. For example, knitting needles. Some prefer wood, others like plastic, while still others stick with aluminum.And that leads into the discussion of straights, double-pointed or circular?But there are other knitting related items that we don’t really need, we just want. These could include fancy knitting totes, stitch markers that are really knitting jewelry, or stitch/row counters that double as necklaces.For me, the “unnecessary but desired” item is a shawl pin. I love shawls, both knitting them and wearing them, so shawl pins come naturally. Oddly enough, I don’t use them every time I wear a shawl, but still I covet them.Here’s a picture of some of my shawl pins:Okay, not the best picture. But you may be able to see that I have metal, wood, and ceramic shawl pins, some in colors to match specif…