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I decided to try to organize my “yarn stash corner” so I can actually see what I have. This would be quite helpful in preventing me from going to my LYS, the Sheep & Wool Festival, and the Wool Arts Tour and buying the same thing I bought the previous year.First, I had to measure the space in the corner. Since it’s under a sloping ceiling, that made it a little more difficult. But I used a tape measure and did the best I could.I bought five pink stackable plastic milk crates, figuring I could do a column of two and another of three. I could put them open-side out so I could see the contents.I should have taken a picture of the corner as it was, but I was so excited to get going, I forgot. Just imagine a towering pile of plastic and paper bags, containing goodies not seen since the dark ages.I did, however, take a picture of all the “keeper” things I pulled out and put on the bed. Unfortunately, it came out blurry. But it’ll give you an idea of all the loose skeins of  yarn, books,…