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Experimenting with Pattern Creation

As I said in the last post, I've been having trouble concentrating on patterns, ending up frogging repeatedly until I give up. I have tried favorite patterns and that helped a little, but not a lot.

So I decided to try inventing a pattern of my own. I figure if something goes wrong, since I'm the creator, I can just say it's not a's something creative and avant-garde and I planned it that way! This in turn makes me a little less stressed as I'm not constantly on the lookout for mistakes.

I chose to make a hat. I don't have many as I don't wear them much, but it seemed it would be fairly simple. Although I knit more than I crochet, I chose to crochet as I thought it would be easier to do in the round than knitting. I chained a reasonable amount of stitches, then started on a crochet ribbing that would go sideways around the rim of the hat. Measuring frequently, and ripping back or adding more, I eventually got what seemed the right amount of sti…