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What I'm Knitting

Now that I've had a cortisone injection, I'm working my way back up to knitting a normal amount again. (Normal = a lot.)

First, I'm nearly done with the Penelope Blouse by Oat Couture. It's coming along great, I just have to finish the lace edging on one armhole and it's finished.

Two things. First, I'm knitting on that edging rather than knitting separately and sewing on. The latter leaves a real possibility there might be too much lace, or too little, when I reach the end of sewing. And second, I hate weaving in ends!

Second, as you can see in the picture, the neckline rolls, due to being stockinette with no ribbing. I'm not positive I like that. I know it's fashionable, but heck, I'm not. I considered doing the same lace edging around the neck, but realized it would flop down as it's about an inch. I don't want to choose a different edging that might work better but wouldn't match the rest of the sweater. So I may just leave it as is.

I h…

That Spill

Too funny not to share!