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Knitting Nirvana

Every time a new knitting magazine comes in the mail, I flip through it, looking at the articles and patterns, but also at the ads. I tell myself every time, “I’ll have to check out the website for this ad,” but I never remember once I put down the magazine.With the arrival of my  most recent magazine, I decided I’d do it differently. So, I grabbed a pad of paper and pencil, and wrote down the website addresses of all the ads I wanted to check out as I flipped through the magazine. They were all interesting to various degrees, but I hit the knitter’s jackpot with this one:www.theshawlpinstore.comOMG. A store with hundreds of gorgeous shawl pins! I looked through every page, making notes of the dozens I liked best (making notes—yes, I can be taught). I finally, agonizingly whittled down the list to my four favorites, and ordered them. Here they are:From L-R, the first one is a Steampunk shawl pin; #2 is a lace-weight shawl pin; #3 is art deco; and #4 is western. Here are a couple of sl…