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The Sweater Brigade


2013 NH Sheep & Wool Festival

Went to the Sheep & Wool Festival Saturday with my two daughters, as has become our Mother’s Day weekend tradition. Naturally, I forgot my camera (sigh) so I have no photos of the actual event. But I have some pictures of the carefully chosen things I picked up. Well, most of them, anyway.Beaded cell phone kit, with instructions. I’m not going to use it for my cell phone, however; I’m going to use it to keep this purchase safe:A beautiful hand-made wooden needle gauge, with knitting needle sizes on one side and crochet hook sizes on the other.Worsted-weight yarn in a lovely rose color to make the Winter Elegance Shawl, and instructions.Gorgeous angora yarn from one of my favorite vendors, Honeybuns Rabbitry. The yarn is gorgeous and SO soft. It’s going to be a cowl I’ll want to wear 24/7!And finally, no picture…I ordered a t-shirt with the particular phrase I wanted, which wasn’t available in the right size/color at the Festival. Here’s a link to check it out: Yarn and Fiber Compa…