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When Good Knitting Goes Bad


NH Sheep & Wool Festival 2011

Last weekend was the yearly much-anticipated New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival. My daughters and I always look forward to it all year and can’t wait for it to happen. We had a wonderful time as always, and because of having a few years’ experience under our belts, we made it through in record time.Here’s a photo of my goodies:From left to right, here’s what I got:1) Sonatina Laceweight from Mad Color Fiber Arts, 80% merino wool, 20% Tussah silk, 1125 yards, . Soft and plenty of yardage for a large shawl. You can’t tell it from the color I chose, but most of their yarn was, well, Mad Colors. 2) Ariane Lace from Ball and Skein, 70% alpaca, 20% silk, 10% cashmere, 875 yards, colorway “The Blues,” . Last year I bought some of their Arequipa and made a gorgeous scarf. This yarn is SO soft, I just want to stroke it! They’re on my “must buy” list every year.3) Estrellita handpainted 2-ply lace from Mocha’s Fiber Designs, 75% superwash meri…

Free Pattern: Magic Loop Eyelet Mitts

Here is a free pattern I hope you’ll enjoy. Please don’t sell the pattern or sell the mitts…it’s for your personal use only.These came out pretty nicely and were easy to make. Let me know if you have questions!MAGIC LOOP EYELET MITTS
by Elizabeth DelisiMaterials:
1 ball Jojoland Melody Superwash fingering, 220 yards
40" circular needle size 2Size:
One sizeEyelet Lace Pattern:
Multiple of 8 sts.
Row 1 (right side): Knit.
Row 2 and all other even rows: Knit.
Row 3: *K6, yo, k2 tog, rep from *.
Row 5: Knit.
Row 7: K2, *yo, k2 tog, k6; rep from *, end with k4.
Row 8: Knit.
Repeat rows 1-8.Directions:
Cast on 56 stitches, divide in half on both sides of the needle. Join into a round.Work K2, P2 ribbing for 16 rounds.Work rounds 1-8 of Eyelet Lace pattern, then work Rounds 1-4 once more.Thumb Gusset:
Round 1: M1, K2, M1, place marker, knit across round as established in pattern.
Round 2 and 3: Knit to marker, slip marker, continue i…