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Favorite Patterns

Does this sound familiar? You go to a yarn store or a wool festival, and come home with skein upon skein of gorgeous yarn. When you get home, you go through your patterns and choose one for the new fiber.

The first few rows are great. The yarn is deliciously soft, the color is perfect, and you're in knitting heaven.

Then, something happens. Maybe you make a mistake or two and have to take out a row. Maybe the yarn splits when you knit, or the points on your knitting needles are too rounded to do a K2tog easily. Soon, you find yourself putting the project in the "Corner of Shame" where all the unfinished projects reside.

But you have finished SOME projects, right? They're in a drawer, in your closet, or living with some other person whom you gifted with one of your completed projects. That's proof you can actually finish something. 😁 Then you study your finished items and realize there are a few patterns you go to time and time again, and you never have any probl…