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New Project Addiction

Do any of you find you get bored with a project in mid-knit and abandon it to start something else?

This seems to be my pattern. Oh, I do finish things...eventually. Especially if it's for a specific event like Christmas, a baby shower or a birthday. But that means most of the unfinished projects sitting around are the ones I'm making for myself, as there's no deadline, no pressure to get them done.

I did just finish those men's fingerless gloves for my son-in-law (a late Christmas gift) and had the pleasure of watching him drive off to work, happily be-gloved. :-) I have two other projects to finish for late Christmas gifts, two shrugs. And I really want to get them done. But my feet are cold, darn it, and I want some socks! Also, I'd really like to get started on that lovely coat I'm going to knit, so I can wear it at least once this winter before it's too warm for coats...

How do you deal with the new project addiction? Do you give in and start something ne…

Contest: Any HTML Experts Out There?

You may have noticed I've changed the background on my blog. I like the new background, except...somehow it seems to have squashed the message area and the links area over to the left, with just empty space on the right. I followed the instructions exactly for installing it, so I'm at a loss of how to fix it.

So I've decided to hold a contest! The first person who can tell me how to fix this problem...that actually results in me being able to fix it...will win a free download of one of my books, whichever one the winner chooses. You can read about my books at

Sure hope someone comes up with an answer! Thanks!