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Who Am I Again?

Boy, when I take a break from blogging, I really take a break!

I haven't stopped knitting, though some shoulder issues that resulted in recent surgery have slowed me down. But I can knit a row; rest; knit a row; rest. Like the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race.

Recently, due to the dearth of yarn money, I've been knitting projects with my stash. I've completed perhaps 8 projects from the stash in the last year or so, which you'd think would make a visible difference in my stash...but no.

So what do I need so much stash yarn for?

One reason is when you go to a yarn store or fiber event, that gorgeous skein of hand-dyed alpaca and silk in your favorite shade of fuchsia may not be available if you don't snatch it up right now.

Another reason is supporting your local yarn store, and your local yarn producer, so they continue to offer that bamboo sock yarn that feels so good on your feet.

Then there's the shawl and sock and sweater patterns you love and…