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Anklets Finally Done

At last, I finished my Girl's Best Friend Anklets:

They came out pretty well, I think. But they were troublesome to knit. For some reason, I had a lot of trouble with the lace cuffs. The first time I started them, I got about an inch into it and had the wrong number of stitches, and NO idea how that happened. So I had to frog and start again. Here's a picture of the offending cuff, finally finished:

You'd think--at least, I did--that having gotten past the trouble point, and completing one cuff successfully, the cuff on the second sock would be easier...but, no. I had to take it out also and start over.

But at last they're done! And awaiting the first chilly day of autumn to premiere in all their glory on a foot near me. ;-) Or, two of them!

I'm in a rut now as far as knitting goes. Can't seem to decide what I want to work on. I have several projects started...okay, more than several. A bunch. I pick one up, work a few rows, then put it down. Repeat process with se…