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My Yarn Hates Me

I wrote last time about the insane difficulty I'm having with some gorgeous fuzzy lace yarn. I've restarted the shawl/scarf project multiple times as I keep making mistakes. At last I decided to keep going regardless of mistakes, as it's so fuzzy and so many yarn-overs that (I hope) no one can tell there are a million errors.

But I do find working on it frustrating, so I only do a few rows at a time, then go to something else for a while. I wanted to find a yarn and pattern to work on that wouldn't be so difficult, so I chose to pull out something I'd put aside years ago, half-done. It's called the Mitred Square Vest, and with worsted yarn and made out of mitred squares, it IS pretty simple. You can check it out here:

Or if you're not on Ravelry (and why AREN'T you on Ravelry ?), here's a picture.

It worked fairly well with minimal mistakes. So why am I upset? Because it came out HUGE. I mad…