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A Bigger Purse...Or Is It?

For the past year or two, this purse has been my usual winter purse. I like the shape, and the colors were something I envisioned in my sleep. (Not for a purse, though...for a sweater. But since they're not my usual colors, I chickened out in real life and went for something smaller and less of an investment in time and money.)

But I've had trouble finding things in the purse. It could be because it's not large enough overall; or it could be because the top is smaller than the bottom. In any case, I decided a new purse was in order. I found a pattern I liked and chose the yarn, and naturally couldn't resist casting on for the Mitred Stripes Felted Bag right away.

So here's the finished bag, and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. It used two different yarns, Malabrigo and Noro Kureyon, neither of which had I tried before. I was surprised how scratchy Kureyon was, given all the raves I'd heard about it. It wasn't fun to knit with texture-wise, but I d…