Photos Of Pink Lady Bag

Ta da! Here's a picture of my Pink Lady bag. I used Lion and Lamb bulky yarn, the color was Victorian Rose. Not sure it came out in the photo exactly as it looks in person.

I found an absolutely stunning pewter button for it at my LYS. Unfortunately, my digital camera won't allow me to get close enough to see the details without making the button blurry, so you'll have to imagine. ;-)

I'm already using it. Naturally, I couldn't wait! I've posted two pictures, not sure if either one really shows the details or the color to its best advantage.'s done and time to work on my next project! I think I need to make a large felted tote that I can keep my other knitting projects in. As soon as my yarn budget gets flush again!


Knit and Tink said…
Pretty bag!

I always use a zippered pillowcase. It will keep the fibers from clogging your washer for one thing. If anything, it would just add more friction. It will also keep all the lints from attaching itself to it.
Tricotine said…
WOW!!! Pretty bag, Elizabeth! I love the color and the style! :)
Thanks, knit and tink, for your suggestion. I think I'm going to have to get a zippered pillowcase. Better safe than sorry, right?

tricotine, thanks, I'm glad you like the bag! It's by "Designs by Shelley" and I think all her bag patterns are interesting. You can see a bunch of them here:

You'll probably have to cut and paste that in, not sure how to make it a live link when it's so long. Anyway, she does have lots of unusual shapes and patterns, not just the "same old" rectangular or square purse or tote. Enjoy!
kat said…
i really like the it a lot more style I think.
cathych said…
wow, that is really beautiful, such a nice yarn too. You really did a good job.
Thanks, Kat. That's exactly why I chose this pattern...I really liked the shape. Rectangular bags are fine, but I liked the gently curving shape better.

Thank you, Cathy! I really love the Victorian Rose color. It's a hard to describe shade of pink with a nearly invisible bluish tinge to it, which you're not quite sure if it's there or it's your imagination. ;-) I love the way it turned out!
Vonda said…
Wow, beautiful bag, Liz! You are so talented! I don't knit but I admire those who can make nice things like this. :-)
Thanks, Vonda! You definitely have your share of talent, not just with your writing, but also your candlemaking, gardening, and floral creations. I think we writers just have to use our creative sides all the time to be happy!
Pennie said…
That is so CUTE! Love it.
Thanks, Pennie, I'm so glad you like it! I get a lot of comments on it, and strangely enough (to me, anyway) many of those who comment are teens. I guess it's true there IS a revival in knitting!

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