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Blogging with Windows Live Writer

I’m trying out Windows Live Writer to blog. Since I have several blogs, I figured I’d check to see if this was easier.First, you have to set up all the blogs you want to use by providing the website URL, user name and password. Then you can create a blog post and just click “Publish” and it does the rest. The blog you wrote stays on the screen until you close it, so if you want to post it more than one spot, there’s no cutting and pasting or rewriting involved.Adding photos is easy, too. Here’s one of some semi-recent knitting:I adjusted the photo using Windows Live Photo Gallery, just using the auto-correct feature, and it did make the colors stand out more. I’m sure there are features I haven’t found yet. Anyone have any tips? I do like the ease of posting to more than one blog.

Tied Up

I've been all tied up too! But I hope to have new knitting content to post soon.