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Pink Lady Is Done!

Well...almost. I finished knitting it, including figuring out how to do the Kitchener Stitch to finish the handles. (No, I've never learned it before and it's a pretty cool way to join two pieces of knitting that are still on needles or holders.)

I've felted it and it's drying on the radiator now. As soon as it's dry, in a day or two, I'm going to my LYS to pick a really special button for the tab closure.

I made one slight change to the pattern. I know you can cut into felted knitting to create buttonholes. Really, I know it in my head. But my heart shrinks from it and doesn't believe it won't unravel if I cut. :-) So, I made the tab closure a little wider and knit a buttonhole into it. Hey, it'll work fine and my nerves were spared!

Speaking of felting, how do you do it? I always start out with the hot wash cycle, smallest load size, a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid, throw the bag in the washer with something heavy, and then check every five minutes.…

Making Great Progress

Thanks to a recent 3,200-mile car trip to and from my son's wedding in Kansas, I've been able to make great progress on my pink lady bag. It's nearly all done, but when it came time to finish up the handles, I realized I'd left my stitch holders at home. So tonight I hope to finish the handles and the closure tab, felt it tomorrow, then run out and choose a great button to close it with! Can't wait to see how it turns out. I'll definitely post a picture.

I did discover that the Lion and Lamb bulky yarn has a LOT of fuzz to it. ;-) It ended up all over me and the car while I was knitting. Not that it stopped me! I'll be interested to see how much fuzz is left after felting.

Have any of you had experience with felting with this yarn?

It's Here!

Woohoo! My "pink lady bag" pattern arrived today. I'm so excited...I've been waiting a while, even picked out the yarn, then had to be patient till the pattern came. Patience is NOT my strong suit. I'm trying to be patient again, till my work for the day is done, then I can start the purse. Whoopee!

Okay, I've Done It

Although I've knitted practically all my life, lately I've been SO into it, it's been taking over all my free time. I've also noticed it taking over my writing blog. I suspect people who visit my THE WORLD ACCORDING TO LIZ blog to read about my books might forgive an occasional foray into knitting, but not repeated ones. So, I told myself, I have to have a knitting blog!

Here is a picture of my most recently completed project, a felted purse, drying on the radiator. I've since added a snap closure and a gaudy rhinestone pin as a decoration. It looks great if I do say so myself, and I'm having fun using it!

Also on the needles are: a multidirectional scarf made with a very old variegated yarn from my stash; a shawl made with Eros Glitz ladder yarn; and a lovely sweater (you can see the pattern picture here:

And, I'm waiting for a pattern to arrive for another felted bag that will be my next project. Here's the pa…