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Adrift in UFOs

I haven't posted recently because I wanted to finish something before posting again. I don't like to post without photos. But I just have so many irons in the fire right now, nothing is complete.

I've finished one sock of a pair, and the second one is started.

I've finished a potholder and 3/4 of a dish towel, still need to finish the towel and make the dishcloth.

I've done a few more inches on my Eros Glitz shawl.

I've purchased the yarn for another shawl.

I've done a few rows on a sweater.

Oh, and I did a big organizational project. I bought a large 3-ring binder and a bunch of those plastic sleeves. Then found all the patterns I've printed out or purchased over the years (well, many of them anyway) and slipped each one into a sleeve and put into the notebook. I have so much fun now just flipping through it and imagining all the projects I'm going to make! As if I don't have enough going already. ;-)

So, how do you keep your patterns organized? Do yo…