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Can't Focus, How About You?

I have been having difficulty staying focused on a project long enough to finish it. This has been going on for some time. At first I thought it was my Parkinson's because it made it difficult to keep my hands still. But then a new procedure (okay, brain surgery) fixed the constant, unplanned movements. But I'm still working on, say, 10 or 12 different projects.

I start a new project with the greatest of enthusiasm. I cast on, knit a few rows, and then find I've made a mistake...dropped a stitch, knitted an incorrect stitch, etc. The first few times it happens, I sigh, frog it and start again. But by the time four or five ripouts happens, I give up, toss the offending project in the "Corner of Shame," and start something else.

Or, I don't make any (or many) mistakes, but the project just isn't coming out as I hoped. Maybe the yarn I chose is scratchy or doesn't drape well, or I don't like the color as well as I thought when I bought it, etc. Then …
Thought you'd enjoy this, all you crafters out there:

Knitting as Therapy

My name is Elizabeth Delisi, and I am a yarnaholic.

I buy yarn whenever I have an the NH Sheep and Wool Festival every year; at the yearly Wool Arts Tour; the yearly WEBS tent sale; and that doesn't even count the online shopping extravaganzas. I'm addicted, I admit. But my excuse is, it was tough for me to see how much yarn I had and what kind, when it was all stuffed in drawers and bags and not really visible.

Well, now we're moving to a different house and a different town, and I will have a craft room of my very own. I've already begun setting it up and the best part is, all the yarn is visible in pink plastic milk crates and other spots.

But now I've found another problem, this time with being able to see all my yarn. What is the problem with that, you may ask? Guilt! When I want to buy more yarn, how can I convince myself that I NEED more yarn, when I can see dozens of skeins just waiting to be used?

I reach for a gorgeous pink alpaca, s…