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First Multidirectional Project Completed

Hooray! My first multidirectional project, a scarf, is finished, and here's a picture of it. I used the book "Modular Knits" by Iris Schreier, and the "Multidirectional Scarf" pattern from it.

This was made with some VERY old yarn from my stash, from the 70s, called Caron Dazzle Aire. It's been waiting a long time for its perfect project! You can't tell from the picture, but it's fuzzy yarn, like mohair, with a slight sparkle or "dazzle" effect to it.

This was a fun pattern to make, as Iris's technique is very clever. You make the various triangles using short rows instead of cutting the yarn, so it's all made in one piece. I hate working in ends, so it's definitely the right technique for me!

Now I almost hope we have one more snowstorm left before spring and summer, so I can try it out...

My next project, which I'll start as soon as I'm done here (yes, I AM a glutton for punishment) is a clapotis shawl. You can find the p…

Photos Of Pink Lady Bag

Ta da! Here's a picture of my Pink Lady bag. I used Lion and Lamb bulky yarn, the color was Victorian Rose. Not sure it came out in the photo exactly as it looks in person.

I found an absolutely stunning pewter button for it at my LYS. Unfortunately, my digital camera won't allow me to get close enough to see the details without making the button blurry, so you'll have to imagine. ;-)

I'm already using it. Naturally, I couldn't wait! I've posted two pictures, not sure if either one really shows the details or the color to its best advantage.'s done and time to work on my next project! I think I need to make a large felted tote that I can keep my other knitting projects in. As soon as my yarn budget gets flush again!