Seashell Shawl Finished

I finished up my Seashell Shawl, pattern by Kristin Omdahl in the October 2007 issue of Knit 'N Style. I think it came out wonderfully. Here's picture of it blocking:

Here's a closer picture of the stitch details:

I used Bristol Yarn Gallery's Buckingham yarn, which is SO soft…80% baby alpaca, 20% silk. The pattern starts with the bottom ruffle and works up, which is great as you decrease as you go, so you seem to pick up speed and work faster the farther you go. I was worried at first I'd run out of yarn as the ruffle took a full 25% of my yarn...but I worried needlessly. There was plenty of yarn to go around.

It came out looking smaller than the pictures in the magazine-–wrist and waist length rather than over the fingertips and hips. And that's after blocking the heck out of it. Here's the picture from the magazine:

If I make it again with this weight of yarn, I'd buy more yarn and work on larger needles to get a little more size. Probably my own fault for not swatching. (Shhh!) But it's lovely and quite wearable the way it is.

Hmm. I wonder how it would work in a heavier yarn? Because I do love the pattern. Off to rummage through my stash...


Jen said…
Oh, my. Liz, that's gorgeous! Good job!
Thanks, Jen. It was a lot of fun to make!

SYLVIE said…
That's really gorgeous!
Thanks, Sylvie! It was a fairly simple pattern but comes out so nicely.
Heather said…
Looks amazing! Can't wait to see it on you!
Thanks, Heather! Will model it for you the next time you're here. ;-)
Jen said…
Liz - your friendship has come to mean a lot to me. You don't post often, but when you do, it's always something beautiful and meaningful. So I award you the "You Make My Day" award on my blog. Hugs!
Thanks, Jen, how nice of you! I really can use the pick-me-up. :-)

Anonymous said…
Oh, that is just Beautiful! I like that VERY much!! I wonder if I could find a crocheted version of that? I can SO see me in that!
Riohnna, I'll bet you could make your own pattern. It starts with a ruffle...then you decrease the number of stitches by 50% and start the pattern...then decrease every ten or so rows until it's finished. Good luck!


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