First Multidirectional Project Completed

Hooray! My first multidirectional project, a scarf, is finished, and here's a picture of it. I used the book "Modular Knits" by Iris Schreier, and the "Multidirectional Scarf" pattern from it.

This was made with some VERY old yarn from my stash, from the 70s, called Caron Dazzle Aire. It's been waiting a long time for its perfect project! You can't tell from the picture, but it's fuzzy yarn, like mohair, with a slight sparkle or "dazzle" effect to it.

This was a fun pattern to make, as Iris's technique is very clever. You make the various triangles using short rows instead of cutting the yarn, so it's all made in one piece. I hate working in ends, so it's definitely the right technique for me!

Now I almost hope we have one more snowstorm left before spring and summer, so I can try it out...

My next project, which I'll start as soon as I'm done here (yes, I AM a glutton for punishment) is a clapotis shawl. You can find the pattern here: . Isn't it gorgeous? My sister and I are working on this project together...both starting today, and we're using the same yarn. We purchased some Cherry Tree Hill Oceania yarn in the 1,440-yard skein (colorway Blueberry Hill,
Yarn-670.html). We've split the skein and we'll see how it turns out, together!

So, what are you working on lately? Any new, exciting projects? Something summery maybe, with pastel cotton yarn?


Michelle said…
I love that scarf. It's quite beautiful. I'll have to check out the book.
Thanks, Michelle. It was easy to do once I got started, and the variegated yarn just created the striping all by itself. I'll have to try some of the other things in the book...there are patterns using other shapes besides triangles.
Judy said…
I just love the multidirectional patterns from Iris's book. They are quite addicting !!
Goldendomer said…
I've seen this scarf done many times, but never i has it looked this good!! The yarn that you chose for this project was absolutely perfect.
Thanks, Judy. You're right, the patterns are definitely addicting. I can't decide what I want to make next...maybe one of the shawls...there are so many lovely choices!

goldendomer, thanks so much for your compliment. That yarn had been sitting in my stash since the 70s, just waiting for the perfect project. Finally it found its destiny!
cathych said…
wow, that looks fabulous!
Thanks, Cathy!

I should probably mention the quilt the scarf is lying on was embroidered by my husband's grandmother; then basted and partially quilted by my husband's mother; then I finished quilting it and did the binding etc. So it's a three-generation quilt!
Knitcrazy said…
LOve your scarf.. I tried that once and got all mixed up..I forget what I did wrong but seeing yours I think I will give it another try :)
Thanks! I'm glad to hear my scarf is inspirational. ;-) Actually, the pattern is pretty simple once you get the hang of it, so go for it!

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