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Just a quick post to say, I finally found a picture of the coat I'm going to make. Look here at the coat in the middle of the first row, off white and called "Long Coat." That's it! Only...mine will be purple. Hey, I'm not a white kinda gal. ;-) So how do you like it?



Claudia said…
I recently joined KnitTalk and saw your post with a link to your blog, and I had to visit. Wow, love that coat!!!! It will be beautiful in purple! I'm working on the Einstein coat in green and I think that this group is definitely going to push me to finish it so I can wear it this winter. YAY!

Can't wait to see yours!
Thanks, Claudia! I'm not sure if I'll get mine done in time to wear this winter, though I hope so. But I have Christmas gifts to knit for others before I can knit for me. At least I have the yarn! You can bet I'll post a big picture when it's done. :-)

Anonymous said…
That's BEAUTIFUL!! And to make it in purple would be devine!
Thanks! I think the purple will come out great...if I can ever get going on it. Still finishing late Christmas presents... (sigh)

Anonymous said…
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