Felted Knitting Bag Finished

I finished knitting the felted bag, and finished felting the knitting bag. Which are one and the same. Hah! The colors in the picture are a little off...it's actually dark purple, dark blue, magenta, teal green, and light purple. But for some reason it ended up looking almost all blue. Anyway, you get the idea.

Didn't turn out one hundred percent the way I planned. For one thing, I think it felted a teeny bit too much. My fault; I checked it at ten minutes and it was hardly felted at all, so instead of setting the timer for another five minutes, I set it for another ten. Oh, and I added my "secret weapon" to the second felting session: a kettle full of boiling water.

Word to the wise: check your felting objects frequently.

But it's still large enough to carry a knitting project in, so I'm happy.

The other weird thing about it is, the top edge came out ruffly. This is definitely NOT the way it looks in the pattern (see previous post for link), but I kinda like it, so again, I'm happy.

It's drying now...and drying...and drying. Has been drying for three days and still damp inside. Felted stuff sure takes a long time to dry! Another word to the wise: don't felt something on the same day you want to use it.

So now I'm back to working on a shawl from this pattern at Knitty: http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring06/PATTtendrils.html Only, no beads. It's coming out quite nicely, if I do say so myself. Only problem: the cast-on edge is tight. This could just be a function of how tight my knitting is in general. But...does anyone have a suggestion for a stretchier cast-on method? I just use the single cast on...or thumb cast on? Would the double (or long tail) cast on be better?

Well, back to work. I need to start more projects!



Heather said…
Better late than never to commment, right? But I have actually seen the finished product of this bag in person now, and it looks great!! I love the colors. And you're right, the picture does not do the colors justice. Another beautiful project!
Thanks, Heather! Regardless of the tiny things that didn't turn out perfectly on this bag, it still looks WAY better to carry my knitting around in than a plastic grocery bag. ;-)

Mom (Liz)

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