Finished Seatbelt Cover

Don't know if you ever have this trouble, but I drive an older car, and the seatbelt height is not adjustable. I'm short, and thus the seatbelt always runs across my neck and is very irritating. The only solution I've found is a seatbelt cover. Walmart (and other places, no doubt) sell one that looks like sheepskin and closes with velcro. I've used one like that for years. A little heavy in summer, but better than the alternative of the seatbelt digging into my neck.

Well, the velcro on my seatbelt cover is all shot and the darned thing won't stay on. I was going to buy another one, when I came across this pattern:

Seat Belt Snuggles

I was enchanted. Knitting things for my car is a novelty...and although buying the Berroco Suede yarn for the project was probably more expensive than going to WM and getting another velcro thingy, somehow it FELT thrifty to knit one.

So I bought the yarn yesterday, finished up the snuggle last night and put it on the seatbelt in my car this morning. Fits like a dream and is prettier than the pseudo-sheepskin. Now I just need an excuse to drive somewhere so I can test it out.

I'm really curious now. I've knit my fair share of sweaters, afghans, socks, shawls, and baby blankets. But this is the first thing I've knit for my car.

What are the most unusual things YOU have knitted? Inquiring minds want to know!


Kristin said…
Look at it this way, it IS cheaper to knit it yourself, because no matter what you would have bought materials and yarn to knit with, whether it was a seatbelt cover or not!
Ooh, I like your logic, Kristin! Thanks.
Jen said…
Probably the oddest things I've knit are the rat rugs. That I can think of right now, anyhow.

Rat rugs are knit from worsted weight cotton - like Sugar & Cream - in a simple rectangle shape. They go on the wire surfaces of the rat cage to make them more comfortable for little Rattie feet.

They can also be pinned up on the walls of the cage to form a hammock, which the rats love sleeping in. :)
Colleen Gleason said…
Ahhh...I don't knit, unfortunately, but I can completely relate to the irritation of the seatbelt.

What a great idea! My daughter is just beginning to knit...maybe I'll see if she can do one for me.

Thanks for coming by my blog, Liz. Hope all is well with the kids and grandkids.
Jen, a rat rug is definitely up there in the "unusual knitting" category! Your rats are lucky to have such a handy "mom."

Colleen, so great to hear from you. All is well in kid/grandkid land at the moment. Knock on a very large piece of wood!

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