Sweater Done

I've finally finished the sweater with interesting pockets. Not sure what else to call it. See what you think:

It's hard to tell from a small picture, but see that collar that runs down the front edges and across to the side seams? That's the pockets...you can tuck your hands in there to keep them warm. Very cozy.

The yarn for the main body of the sweater is Patons Divine in the "Floral Fantasy" color. When I saw it in the store, I had to have it, even though I didn't know what I'd make of it yet. It reminded me of a Renoir painting, all soft, blurry colors. It feels like a kitten's fur and is so luxurious to wear.

The yarn for the collar/pockets is Plymouth Encore Worsted and it worked well, except the bottom band was done in a smaller size needle and I think that was a mistake. The Plymouth Encore Worsted should all be knit in the larger size, since it's a somewhat thinner yarn than the Patons Divine.

Now I'm back to working on Dan's heavily cabled cardigan--I can only work on it periodically as the cables are rough on my arthritis. And I'm also finishing some lace fingerless gloves for a Christmas gift.

What are YOU working on for the holidays?


Jen said…
With the flatness of a 2-d picture on the computer screen, the sweater actually looked at first like a shrug worn over a pink sweater.

Interesting design. I look forward to a chance to see it in person one day, to see how that pocket works.

Me, I'm working hard on my Noragi. I'm doing the back piece first, and that is, of course, the largest one. So it's feeling for the moment like a very long project. It'll go faster once I get to smaller parts, like sleeves.

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