Isabel's Sweater

Here's my granddaughter with the sweater I made her for her sixth birthday. It's a little large, but that's good as it means she'll be able to wear it next winter also. She was pretty excited when she opened it: "What is it? A blanket? A scarf? Oh, it's a sweater! I want to put it on right away!"

So, she did. And she wore it all day. And kept saying, "I love my sweater, Nana. It's so soft and warm."

Ah, what else could a knitting Nana ask for? ;-)

The sweater, posing on my bed

A closeup of the stitches

In case you're interested, the pattern is "Little Miss Strawberry" by Jodi Snyder, published in Creative Knitting Magazine.


Anonymous said…
Little Miss Strawberry is lovely on your Little Miss Isabel!

What size did you make for your 6 yo granddaughter and what yarn did you use?

I'm making Little Miss Strawberries for my 7 yo and 4 yo daughters.
I made a size six, because right now she's wearing size five in clothing, so I figured one size up would last her through next winter. As you see from the picture, it came out a little large but wearable, so I think my strategy worked. ;-)

Good luck with your daughters' sweaters! Post pictures when you're done...would love to see them.


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