Gearing Up For Winter

Lately I've been on a winter knitting kick. Could have something to do with all the snow we got on Sunday! Of course, it all melted on Monday when the temperatures returned to the more seasonal 50s. But that, and the cold days we had the week before, encouraged me to make some small, warm items.

First, I whipped up a pair of wristers. Or fingerless mitts? At any rate, I had one skein of yarn and that seemed a perfect thing to use it on. They came out a bit large, so next time I'd either use smaller needles or cast on fewer stitches. But they are soft and comfortable, and I've tested them out while typing and yup, I can type while wearing them. Hooray!

The pattern was "Chunky Piano Mitts" by Michele Bernstein, and you can find the pattern here on Ravelry: or here on her blog:

The yarn I used was Kona Bay Knitting Yarn Party. It's a 12-ply bulky yarn that's 100% nylon, in an eyelash type. It's very soft and was fun to work with, but frogging would definitely be a pain.

Next, I made a pair of slippers. I wanted something that I could complete with one skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease, again because that one skein was all I had in my stash. I came across the pattern for Two Needle Slippers by Dagny Lilley here: and they seemed like just the thing.

Once I completed the first slipper, I tried it on. Fit well on my foot, but the garter stitch cuff was much too loose. I knitted the second slipper and made the cuff out of K2P2 ribbing instead of garter stitch. That worked better, so I frogged the cuff on the first one and reknit it in ribbing. However, they still slipped off my heels when wearing them, so as a final touch, I added a crocheted tie on each one. That seems to have done the trick.

Now, I'm back to working on my Applegate Shirt (pattern from Oat Couture) and hope to get it finished shortly. I'm on the second sleeve, then just have the placket and neck to knit, and of course the sewing.

What are YOU working on to keep you warm this winter?


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