Making Great Progress

Thanks to a recent 3,200-mile car trip to and from my son's wedding in Kansas, I've been able to make great progress on my pink lady bag. It's nearly all done, but when it came time to finish up the handles, I realized I'd left my stitch holders at home. So tonight I hope to finish the handles and the closure tab, felt it tomorrow, then run out and choose a great button to close it with! Can't wait to see how it turns out. I'll definitely post a picture.

I did discover that the Lion and Lamb bulky yarn has a LOT of fuzz to it. ;-) It ended up all over me and the car while I was knitting. Not that it stopped me! I'll be interested to see how much fuzz is left after felting.

Have any of you had experience with felting with this yarn?


cathych said…
I have a good friend who just moved here from new Hampshire. Thanks for the b'day wishes! I bought a lot of cotton today for summer shells.
Sounds like you did the perfect thing on your birthday, Cathy! I'm glad you were able to shop. :-) Does your friend miss New Hampshire? We just moved here about six months ago and I love it.

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