Okay, I've Done It

Although I've knitted practically all my life, lately I've been SO into it, it's been taking over all my free time. I've also noticed it taking over my writing blog. I suspect people who visit my THE WORLD ACCORDING TO LIZ blog to read about my books might forgive an occasional foray into knitting, but not repeated ones. So, I told myself, I have to have a knitting blog!

Here is a picture of my most recently completed project, a felted purse, drying on the radiator. I've since added a snap closure and a gaudy rhinestone pin as a decoration. It looks great if I do say so myself, and I'm having fun using it!

Also on the needles are: a multidirectional scarf made with a very old variegated yarn from my stash; a shawl made with Eros Glitz ladder yarn; and a lovely sweater (you can see the pattern picture here: http://www.mypollywogs.com/OCApplegate.JPG).

And, I'm waiting for a pattern to arrive for another felted bag that will be my next project. Here's the pattern: http://www.carodanfarm.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/product504.html I plan to make it in Lamb's Pride Bulky yarn, color M-34 Victorian Pink: http://www.showersofflowers.com/images/yarn/brolmbwm34.jpg?

So, all you knitters out there...and crocheters, tatters, weavers, embroiderers, beaders, spinners, and any other fiber craft...what are you working on? Can't wait to hear!


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