Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Finishing Class

My latest knitting endeavor was attending a "finishing" class last Sunday afternoon at my LYS. I learned a lot, including three-needle bindoff, mattress stitch, kitchener stitch, short-rowing shoulder shaping, and lots of tips on knitting a project in a more customized fashion. The class was scheduled from 1-4, but actually ran until about 5 with all the material to be covered. It was definitely worth the $30 fee, and I know my finished garments will look better because of it!

I'm getting close to the finish line on my Clapotis shawl and can't wait to see how it looks when finally off the needles. Also, I've signed up with my state chapter of Newborns In Need (www.newbornsinneed.org) to knit hats, sweaters, booties, and blankets for newborns and preemies whose parents can't afford such things. Also, for those who can manage without too many tears, the organization provides handmade burial layettes for those babies who don't make it. :-( Anyway, it feels right to do something to show those parents that someone cares. Now I'm on the hunt for great patterns in newborn and preemie sizes, with minimal seaming (for comfort), no ribbon trim, easy on/easy off, etc. Any suggestions?

What are YOU working on now?


Annette said...

Hi Liz!

Your scarf turned out very nicely - congrats on that project ;)

Right now I have a couple of dishcloths on my needles that are destined for points east of me as gifts. Then I'll have to start my son's "Ravenclaw Scarf" as he is quite the Harry Potter fan (He's 7) and believes he needs a scarf to wear when his sister (my 16 yr old) wears her Gryffindor version. After that will be a lace shawl for me!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Thanks, Annette!

Dishcloths is something I've never made but I should try. Good way to use up scrap yarn, right? And always useful.

I also have the yarn for a lace shawl, but not sure what pattern to use yet. I'm kind of drawn to this one: http://www.fiddlesticksknitting.com/LilyLarge.html
Do you have a pattern in mind?

Annette said...

I'm pretty sure it'll be Sivia Harding's Diamond Fantasy:http://www.siviaharding.com/Diamonds2.html done in Stained Glass Shimmer from Knitpicks.com http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/itemid_5420112/yarn_display.aspx (Yes, I've been planning for awhile...how did you guess?)

Though I do love that Lily shawl! It's amazing!

Elizabeth Delisi said...

Ooh, very nice shawl, and lovely yarn! Be sure to post a picture when you're done, and then post here so I can see. ;-)

I already have the yarn I'm going to use, have had it for years, have just been working up the courage to make a lace shawl. It's white lace-weight wool, I forget the brand name. But I'd love to try one in lovely colors, too!