My First Clapotis Shawl Is Finished

I've finished my first clapotis shawl. Hooray! I think it came out pretty well, all things considered. Here's a picture of it, with our cat Burt looking on and wondering if he dares set, paw on it. Naturally, he's a smart cat and he recognizes the "just try it!" glint in my eye, so he doesn't touch it.

It was made with Cherry Tree Hill Oceania yarn, and the colorway I believe is called Blueberry Hill. This yarn has a thread of glitter material running through it, which you can't really see on the photo, but it makes it a little dressier and would work for evening. It comes in a 1440-yard hank, which my sister and I split, so I had about 720 yards to work with. Even though that's more yardage than the pattern calls for, by the end of the shawl, I had very little yarn left and the shawl was barely long enough, so I blocked it in order to get a few extra inches of length.

Here's another picture of it, a little closer up, with Burt still posing for the camera:

You still can't see the glitter thread in it, but you can see the colors a little better. They're really gorgeous...I loved the combination.

The glitter thread did tend to get caught or missed sometimes, and the thread is a little fuzzy so it didn't always drop without a lot of help when it was time to drop a stitch. Bottom line: next time if I used something similar, I'd get something without the glitter thread, just to make it a bit easier on myself, but the fuzziness of the yarn I liked enough to make it worth working with again.

I'd love to make another one in a heavier, worsted-weight yarn so it would work for colder weather. This one is great for late spring or summer.

Next project: finishing up a sweater I started last fall. Maybe it will be ready to wear by THIS fall! I'm making the Applegate Shirt by Oat Couture, and you can see a picture of it here:

I'm using a denim-colored yarn and it's coming out wonderfully. I'll wait to choose the buttons till the sweater is finished. I can't believe it, but I'm actually anxious to finish the pieces so I can seam them! That's thanks to my recent finishing class.

Heading the the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival tomorrow for Mother's Day, with my husband, daughter, grandchildren, and son-in-law. IF the weather is at all reasonable. Today it's pouring rain, with more predicted for tomorrow, and with a cast on my foot and two toddlers tagging along, pouring rain just won't work. Mist I can take...or light I'll hope for that! Hope you all have a great weekend. What projects are you working on now?


Liz said…
Hi Liz! Love your clapotis... I'm also Liz and I also just finished a clapotis in that exact same yarn, and I think the same colourway! Spooky! Here's the link to pictures on my blog:
That IS weird, Liz! Maybe we're twins separated at birth. ;-) Your clapotis is lovely--congratulations!
Mandy said…
Your claotis is very pretty!! I love the color way!
cathych said…
wow, beautiful!!! Glad to have you on the dishcloth exchange!
Thanks, Cathy! I really enjoyed making it and can't wait to have an event to wear it to. I'm looking forward to the dishcloth exchange...something I can do quickly and get that instant gratification. ;-)
Liz, your shawl is beautiful! Kim
moknits said…
I'm making mine out of Cherry Tree Hill Glitter Thick & Thin. I only bought 1 skein at 350 yards, thinking I'd make a mini, but now I'm worried it'll be too small so I'm calling around trying to find more of the yarn. (Note to self, this is why we buy more than 1 skein!)

Mine is also Blueberry Hill. Glad to see yours came out so great!
Thanks for your kind words, Kim. I had a lot of fun making it and definitely want to make more. I found a great variation on it in the Vogue Knitting on the Go Shawls book--it's a drop stitch shawl with cables, so that one might be next!

moknits, hope you found more of your yarn. My sister and I split a skein of the yarn we chose for our clapotis and it worked out barely. I think I had about ten yarns left when I was done. ;-)


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