Barbie's Wedding Gown

Recently I made a Barbie wedding gown for my granddaughter Isabel's fifth birthday. Naturally, as always happens, I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to her. But my daughter has corrected that, so now I'm posting the photos. It's crocheted, not knitted, but heck, that's close enough! It's a craft. ;-)

Here's the free pattern I found and used for the dress: But as you can see, I made some modifications. Mostly because I ran out of time. I shortened the skirt, and left off the sleeves. And for a five year old, I think it works just fine.

Here she is with her doll. What do you think?


Judy said…
My mother knit Barbie doll clothes for me that I still love and cherish to this day. That gown is beautiful and your granddaughter is adorable. How nice. She will never forget this!
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Thanks, Judy! I do remember my mom knitting a sweater and ski pants for my Barbie. I think it was so stressful, she never knit anything else for poor Barbie. ;-) I do have some knitted patterns bookmarked that I'll try to make for my granddaughter, but I couldn't resist the gorgeous crocheted pineapple dress.


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