Socks Finished

Not sure how clearly this picture will come out, but I've finished a pair of socks for me, and here I am modelling them. :-)

These are the "Sox on 2 Stix" from Knitty, and you can see what the socks look like better here:

I loved knitting them on straight needles. The only down side is sewing the seams. My mattress stitch still needs a little work. ;-) And I also learned a standard bind off (knit two, take first stitch off over second) is way too tight for socks! So the second sock I bound off with the sewn bind off. That's stretchier and it works, but I knit tightly and would like something even MORE stretchy, so the next time I'll try another bind off. Heck, it's a science experiment!

So, what have you finished lately?



Kristin said…
I've just recently learned of sewn bind-offs for my first pair of toe-up socks. I must say I much prefer the sewn bind-off, especially for socks. I'm particularly enamored of a grafted bind-off I found for 1x1 ribbing. It looks so wonderfully well finished!

Great looking sock by the way! What kind of stitch is that on the cuff; I can't quite see it well.
angelarae said…
I don't know, but these look pretty nice:) I might have to try them for my mom, she's been bugging me to finish a pair for her. I finished calorimetry (knitty) and Irish Hiking Scarf. I used Plymouth Encore for the Hiking Scarf, and I just love this yarn. It knits up so pretty:)

Kristin, there's a mock cable on the cuff...the kind where you knit the second stitch on the left needle and leave it on, then knit the first stitch, then pull them both off. Does that make sense?

Ang, these socks are a bit heavier because of using DK yarn, but they're fun and easy to make. Good luck with them!


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