Balaclava--Anyone Hungry?

My latest finished object is a balaclava for my husband, to wear under his bike helmet as he commutes to work. It's getting cold now and he needs something to cover all but the middle part of his face.

I found a pattern for World War I Red Cross Balaclavas and he chose this one:

He requested it in black. It came out very nicely, and he's already gotten some good use out of it.

Next, I'm working on some fingerless lace gloves for my mom. She works at her church, and her hands get awfully cold, but she can't type with regular gloves on. Here's the pattern I found: Lace Fingerless Office Gloves. So far they're coming out looking nice, but they seem very tiny. We'll see when I have one glove finished. I'd hate to have to start over...

What's the "hungry" part of my post, you ask? Well, I can't help but think "baklava" when I hear "balaclava" so it makes ME hungry, anyway! Anyone know what "balaclava" means? Wish I knew how to make a baklava as easily as I made the balaclava...

So, what are you working on? Christmas/holiday gifts? Can you talk about them, or are they a secret? ;-)


Kristin said…
Ohh I'm working on way too many things for Christmas. I think I need a new strategy for next year!
I know what you mean, Kristin. I think our strategy for next year should be: win the lottery, and give everyone a thousand dollars for Christmas and they can buy their own presents. ;-)


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