Breezy Breeze Jacket Done

Ta da! My Breeze jacket, from Cathy Carron's book "Knitting Sweaters From the Top Down," is done. I used Plymouth Encore DK yarn, so I can machine wash it with impunity when needed. I love the top-down method, very little seaming to be done...just two tiny seams where the sleeves join the body. And I also like being able to try it on as I go, once the sleeves are done...that way I can customize the length, which I did. I made it several inches longer than the pattern called for.

Here are a couple of photos of the sleeve and neckline details:

I also chose to do something different with the closure. The pattern called for a simple tie at the neckline and that's it. Well, since I left out the wooden beads decorating the yoke and cuffs that the pattern called for, I decided a tie at the top was too boring. (Yeah, it looks like I changed almost everything, didn't I? Hah.) So I decided to do buttons. But the question was, one button at the top, in place of the tie? One button at waist level, as my younger daughter suggested? Or several buttons from the bottom up several inches, as my husband suggested? I held buttons up to the sweater in different spots, frowned and pouted at the mirror, and eventually decided on hubby's suggestion, figuring it would make my central portions appear smaller by virtue of the open "V" of the sweater above the waist. Or so I tell myself, anyway! So here is a closeup of the fabulous buttons I found at my LYS:

Cool, huh? Perfect for the spring weather that's *finally* arriving here. The crocuses are blooming, that's a sure sign!


Jen said…
Wow - those are almost exactly what you visualized! Good mojo there, Liz!
They are! Not dome shaped, but then they're heavier than I expected, so less bulk means less weight.


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